Issue 14: nature

Issue #14 ‘nature’ has arrived

by New Philosopher on November 7, 2016


Issue #14 ‘nature’ has arrived, subscribe now to get your copy, or visit one of the stockists listed here.

What’s inside:

Who cares? ~ Oliver Burkeman
The last wild places ~ Robert J. Ross
The new human era ~ Tom Chatfield
Being a wild thing ~ Charles Foster
Nature shmature ~ DBC Pierre
What if trees could sue? ~ André Dao
Ethical dilemmas ~ Matthew Beard
The art of nature ~ Nils-Udo
Nature in a box ~ Patrick Stokes
A slow-acting violence ~ Gillian Terzis
Solitary walking ~ Nigel Warburton
Divorced from nature ~ Jane Goodall
Life in the woods ~ Henry David Thoreau
The Shakespeare of science ~ Andrea Wulf
The sixth great extinction ~ Dale Jamieson
The torrid zone ~ Alexander von Humboldt
Listen to the bees ~ Dave Goulson

And much more.


Subscribe now to get your copy, or visit one of the stockists listed here.

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