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Writers’ Award XIV: Nature

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by New Philosopher on March 27, 2017

With New Philosopher now available in over 20 countries, we received a large number of entries from right around the world for Award XIV ’Nature’. And after much deliberation, the judges have decided  the runner-up and winner:

Runner-up: Eva Perroni, for An afternoon at the museum
Winner: Siobhan Lyons, for The sting of solastalgia

Congratulations to you both, your pieces will be published in the upcoming edition of New Philosopher – out in early May. After being awarded second place twice in a row, Siobhan has taken out the top spot this time around and takes home the $1,000 first prize. Given the number and quality of entries it’s a stellar effort indeed to finish in the top two for three awards in a row.

We do hope you each decide to write another piece for Award XV ’The Future’ and look forward to reading your entries. Entries close May 31, for more details click here.

Yet again Australians dominated the list of finalists with seven places – six of which hail from Melbourne; entrants from the UK and the US filled the remaining places. The ten finalists were:

  • – Alice Burnett
  • – Tim Cummins
  • – Rachel Fetherston
  • – Joshua Loughman
  • – Siobhan Lyons
  • – Greg MacArthur
  • – Angus MacGregor
  • – Eva Perroni
  • – Mick Pope
  • – Warren Ward

For full details on the upcoming award, please click here.

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