August 1, 2016

Issue #13: luck

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You make your own luck. You’ve got to be in it to win it. She has all the luck. Don’t jinx yourself ! Odds are that…

The language of luck pervades all aspects of our lives: our draw in the genetic lottery; our friends, family, and lovers; the time, place, and socio-economic situation in which we live. Though some may quibble over a definition, it’s clear that Fortuna rules with a iron hand in a velvet glove – holding the power to cast one person into despair, another into raptures of joy.

But can we exert control over the quality and degree of fortune we experience?Be it good luck or bad, the short answer is: not really. ‘Control’ is but an illusion in a chaotic world, where the interconnected minds and actions of seven billion people ripple across the globe. Our lives are, whether we like it or not, guided by randomness and chance.

But this is no reason to despair; on the contrary it is cause for celebration. The thrill of being alive lies in the very fact that life is fragile and uncertain, that it contains unknown joys and disappointments. Who wants a life in which you couldn’t ask yourself: What might tomorrow bring?

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