Narda Lepes is an Argentinian TV producer, chef, and author.

What is your demon?
Trying to solve problems that are too big for me. But I will keep trying, I guess.

Which thinker has had the greatest influence on your life?
Yuval Harari and Byung-chul Han: one spoke to how I interpret the world today, adding new perspectives, and the other to the inner side, how I feel about it all.

What do you doubt most?
News. I trust some people in that field, but just a few.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would that be?
I would like us to be wiser as a species.

What is happiness?
It sounds silly, but not being divided, with your body here, your head or your heart anywhere else, brief moments when I am there as a whole in one place, happy. Then always something happens…

What does it mean to be human?
In Buenos Aires right now we are about to enter stage 2 of the pandemic, so I guess we will put that definition to the test.

What illusion do you suffer from?
Greatness, of course. I really think we can fix our food system and that I can help a little bit.

If you could choose, what would you have for your last meal?
Oh, I really know this one; easy. The best of each. In season, the best in the world of every fruit and vegetable. Wild strawberry from Italy, soft and sweet pineapple from the north of Brazil, tomatoes from Santorini…

The question you’d most like to ask others?
Do you cook? If not... why not?

What is your motto?
Do. Always do.

What is a good death?
That's very difficult because a sudden, quiet one, no pain, is better for the one dying, but rips apart the ones who are left behind. And when the ones who will keep living have time to prepare, you suffer. So I guess a balance between those two.

What do people accuse you of?
Being too direct, and forward, that some sense as a bit rude.

What is the meaning of life?
Not much, I think.

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