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Australians dominate writers’ award on ‘luck’

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by New Philosopher on December 9, 2016

With three international editions (Australasian, North American, and UK/European) we received a large number of entries from right around the world, however Australians dominated the list of ten finalists for Award XIII with eight places; entrants from the UK filled the other two places. Interestingly the double-blind judging process picked out two former winners, two former runners-up, and two former finalists.

The winner and runner-up of this quarter’s writers’ award, on ‘Luck’, are:

Winner: Erica Greenop, for The last time I saw my father
Runner-up: Siobhan Lyons, for Smart bombs and dumb luck

Congratulations to you both, your pieces will be published in issue #15 of New Philosopher, out in early February 2017, and Erica wins the $1,000 first prize. A special mention to Siobhan, who wrote another excellent piece to take out the runner-up spot for the second time in a row.

To everyone else, well done on making the shortlist – as always there was a large number of entries from talented writers so it’s no small feat to make the list:

Lior Chait, a psychiatry registrar working in Melbourne
Rahul Chatterjee, a medical doctor in Orange (Australia) with a degree in philosophy
Adrian Ellis, an author and graphic artist from the UK
Mike Freeman, a Professor from Wales (former finalist)
Erica Greenop, a poet and writer from Sydney
Jed Lea-Henry, an Australian academic and writer (former finalist)
Siobhan Lyons, a PhD candidate and writer from Sydney (runner-up in Award XII and former finalist)
Jim McCool, a writer from Sydney (runner-up in Award VIII and Award X)
Phil Voysey, a career educator and writer from Sydney (winner of Award XII)
Warren Ward, a psychiatrist and writer from Brisbane (winner of Award X and former finalist)

Congratulations to all those who made the shortlist, the winner and runner-up will be announced later this week. The winner will receive $1,000 and both pieces will be published in the upcoming edition of New Philosopher.

To everyone else, thank you for taking the time to put together an entry and we hope to see something from you for the next award, on ‘nature’ (closes February 28, 2017).

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