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Stack Awards

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by New Philosopher on October 12, 2017

The 2017 Stack Awards, which celebrate the world’s “most exciting independent magazines” received over 400 entries this year, a record number of submissions. Stack received submissions from all over the world, describing the quality of the magazines as “frustratingly fantastic”.

Thanks to the wonderful work by our writers, editors, and illustrators New Philosopher and our other publication Womankind have been recognised in this year’s awards, with New Philosopher featuring in three shortlists – Editor of the Year, Best Original Non-Fiction, and Best Use of Illustration – and Womankind in two shortlists – Editor of the Year and Best Original Non-Fiction.

Editor of the year: thanks to the editorial team of Zan Boag (editor), Antonia Case (editorial director), André Dao (deputy editor), Nigel Warburton (editor-at-large), and Charles Styles (research):

Best Original Non-Fiction: thanks to our team of writers, which includes Will Self, DBC Pierre, Antonia Case, Nigel Warburton, André Dao, Nicholas Carr, Gary Cross, Patrick Stokes, Oliver Burkeman, Marina Benjamin, Tom Chatfield, Damon Young, Gillian Terzis, Matt Beard, Mariana Alessandri, Maggie Jackson, and many more.

Best Use of Illustration: Thanks to our illustrators and cartoonists Carlos Egan, Aida Novoa, Genís Carreras, Peter Strain, Michael Leunig, Corey Mohler, Daksheeta Pattni, Russel Herneman, and Fabio Paolucci.

Recognition in the 2017 Stack Awards caps off a busy year, which has seen the launch of Korean editions of both magazines, the editor of New Philosopher Zan Boag receiving the 2017 Australasian Association of Philosophy Media Professional’s Award, Poet Press being awarded runner-up in the NSW Business Chamber Awards for Excellence in Export, and the opening of offices and poet bookstore in Hobart.

Poet Press, the publisher of New Philosopher and Womankind, moved head office to Hobart in February, and opened the bookstore and tea atelier poet in July at 130 Macquarie St Hobart.  “Opening poet has given us the chance to expose people in Hobart – locals and visitors alike – to the books that inspired the creation of the magazines. The books and other items we stock reflect our interests,” says Antonia Case, Editor-in-Chief of Womankind magazine. “The aim is to give people a sense of the history and research that goes into them by selling books you wouldn’t normally find. We don’t stock bestsellers or popular fiction. It’s all quite eclectic and curated, so we give people access to new authors and new ideas, and a broad spectrum of information they don’t usually come across.”

A string of award-winning writers have contributed to New Philosopher and Womankind, including Will Self, Peter Singer, DBC Pierre, Nicholas Carr, Nigel Warburton, Gary Cross, Marina Benjamin, Damon Young, Patrick Stokes, Tom Chatfield, Antonia Case, Niamh Boyce, Charlotte Wood, Lucy Treloar, and many more. The magazines have also featured interviews with numerous intellectuals, including Noam Chomsky, Jane Goodall, Daniel C. Dennett, Juliet Schor, Anita Allen, Thomas Piketty, and Jane Roland Martin.

Both publications are printed and distributed in Australia, NZ, the US, the UK, Asia, the Middle East, and Canada. There are four editions – Australasian, UK/European, North American, and Korean (in Korean). Neither magazine accepts advertising of any kind.

You can subscribe to New Philosopher here, and you can subscribe to Womankind here.

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