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Writers’ Award XVI: Food

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by New Philosopher on October 16, 2017

It’s hard to avoid thinking about food, which has meant that this quarter’s award – now in its fourth year – saw a huge number of high-quality entries from readers around the world, including three previous winners and a previous runner-up. Any of the top ten were good enough to win this quarter, which didn’t make the judges job easy.

We’re pleased to announce that the winner of New Philosopher Writers’ Award XVI: Food is Agnes Tirrito, a teacher, writer, and literacy workshop presenter in the US, for her piece When grief is on the menu. Agnes wins the AUD$1,000 first prize (and bragging rights).

The runner-up is previous winner Warren Ward, psychiatrist and Director of the Eating Disorder Service at Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital, for The philosophy of anorexia.

Both pieces will be published in the upcoming edition of New Philosopher, which has been printed and is on its way to subscribers.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a piece – there were dozens of exceptional entries for this quarter’s award and we hope to see plenty more for the Communication Award, which closes at the end of November.


Shortlist for Award XVI: Food:

  • Mark Bessoudo, engineer and previous winner
  • Tim Campbell, previous finalist on multiple occasions
  • Christina Easton, philosopher
  • Jean Kazez, philosopher and writer
  • Siobhan Lyons, academic and previous winner
  • Eva Perroni, writer and previous runner-up
  • Agnes Tirrito, writer
  • Martin Wale, curator and previous finalist
  • Warren Ward, psychologist and previous winner
  • Emma Yearwood, writer


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