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Editor’s letter


Scientific consensus

News from nowhere

A century of climate change

Apocaloptimism ~ Oliver Burkeman

The Dancer ~ Existential Comics

The burnt country ~ Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore

Breaking the world ~ Patrick Stokes

Virus views

The pale orange dot ~ Tim Dean

13 views on climate change

Our ultimate fragility ~ Jason deCaires Taylor

Seasons in the sun ~ Marina Benjamin

Client Earth ~ James Thornton

Our place in the world ~ Tom Chatfield

Scenario 3

The evidence

Making the world whole again ~ André Dao

Ethical dilemmas ~ Matthew Beard

Wild thinking ~ Zan Boag

Six thinkers

Changing the atmosphere ~ Charley Lineweaver

When degree is shaked ~ William Shakespeare

Stories of change ~ Michael Ellis

Heraclitus on talk radio ~ Tom McBride

A change in temperature ~ Svante Arrhenius

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Around the web

X-risks and Existentialism ~ Mariana Alessandri

13 questions: Narda Lepes